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Diva comparison


Three ways to engage with Diva

Unlike other solutions, Diva gives users three ways to engage, so anybody can either use or power the network staking capabilities.

Three ways to engage with Diva Staking

Diva staking rewards are expected to be similar to major protocols, as the source of its Staking Rewards is the Ethereum's Consensus Layer itself.

However, Diva Operators combine Staking Rewards on their divETH plus additional Operator Rewards for powering the network.

Diva's unique advantage

Diva uses its own DVT to provide better uptime and risk management with no centralized parties:

  • Node redundancy delivers significantly better uptime (~500x better!)
  • Protection against single nodes failing or acting maliciously.
  • A permissionless Operator network that anyone can join, favoring diversity.