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The Staking Foundation

The Staking Foundation is an independent Cayman Islands foundation entity.

It has accepted a mandate to support the Diva staking protocol and the Ethereum ecosystem at large through the promotion, research and development of better staking tools.

To this effect, the Diva DAO has provided an allocation of 100,000,000 DIVA tokens, corresponding to 10% of the supply, with the goal of distributing them to Diva community members.

A real-world entity

The Foundation can subscribe commitments with third parties on a limited liability basis, allowing it to interface with service providers and ecosystem participants in accordance to its mandate.

However, the Staking Foundation holds no intellectual property rights or any direct control over Diva's operations.

Its ultimate goal is to fully distribute governance power to the Diva community and maximize the decentralization of Diva as a public good.


The Staking Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee of community members.

Their Directors and Officers are subject to customary duties and legal obligations towards the Foundation to faithfully fulfill its mandate.