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Shamir Labs

Shamir Labs is a Swiss company dedicated to the development of distributed cryptographic systems, led by Miguel Prada, along with other Diva co-founders and contributors.

It is developing the first implementation of the Diva Staking protocol, including:

  • The Diva Smart Contract
  • Protocol specifications, including DKG, DVT, cryptography, and tokenomics
  • Components like Zero-Knowledge Oracles and tooling
  • The first Diva client implementation
  • The Diva Operator testnet

Open-source and client diversity

Shamir has committed to releasing the entire project as Free Open Source Software, along with its specifications.

Inspired by Ethereum itself, Diva Staking has been conceived as an open ecosystem where other teams can write alternative client implementations, contributing to client diversity, resilience, and an evolving feature set.

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